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Cuentame Cuentos Intervention Program

Goal: The Cuentame Cuentos program aims to promote Latino preschoolers' literacy skills using an intelligent app and integrating dialogic reading and elaborative reminiscing techniques.

Program description: This is a 6-week intervention delivered at home. The program involves the use of an intelligent app that contains 6 books and activities for families to do as they read the books.

Study: We are currently undergoing a feasibility study of the Cuentame Cuentos program. Check back soon to learn about the results of this study.

What does this program require of parents? : Families will be involved in the co-design (year 1) and testing of the intelligent app (year 2). Children's literacy skills will be assessed at pre- and post-test during year 2.

Are you interested in this program? Contact Principal Investigators Dr. Erin Walker (EAWALKER@PITT.EDU) and Dr. Diana Leyva (DML114@PITT.EDU) and Post-doctoral Associate Dr. Luis Perez (LEP101@PITT.EDU).

Project funded by an internal grant from the University of Pittsburgh Learning Research & Development Center.